Can’t choose a messenger for my family

The best messenger for me isn’t necessarily the one that is best for a non-techie, and I’m struggling to decide on one to convert my family to. I expect this post to sound a little rambly because there’s a lot…

Lemmy, a highly political alternative to Reddit

On a technical level, Lemmy is a federated alternative to Reddit, that works quite well. It could use some UI/UX improvements, but it’s mostly there. What you might not realize is that Lemmy is highly political. I don’t know much…

New Phone: Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

A few months ago I wrote about how tech no longer excites me. I mentioned that I was on a OnePlus 5T that no longer received security updates and I felt that all the budget phone options weren’t worth the…

Tech no longer excites me

Pretty much all tech is used to spy on you and the alternatives require a lot of work and just aren't great.

The creation of my site

I’ve been wanting to set this up for a while and recently felt motivated to follow through. This post is mainly a “test” post. I’m currently working on the other pages of this site. Expect more content from me soon.