How to Buy Cheap Office Chairs in the Philippines that Don’t Suck

I’ve bought chairs on both ends of the price spectrum – from P1000 ($20) to P35,000 ($700). The most expensive chair has been great and I’ve used it for several years, but the arm rest is broken now, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for new options.

Recently, I discovered “BPO pull outs”. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, and there are BPO companies all over the Philippines. With the current pandemic, however, many companies have switched to a work-from-home setup, which means they have tons of office furniture they no longer need, and you can buy these high end chairs for way lower prices than you’d expect – around P1800 ($36).

I initially bought 3 of them for my kids to use, and I was jealous as soon as I tested one of them out. It was as comfortable as my P35,000 ($700) chair, so I decided to order 2 more for me and my wife to use.

How to find and order the chairs

  1. Go to the Facebook Market Place
  2. Search “bpo pull out”
  3. Find a chair style you like and a seller with good ratings. If you want to use the same seller I used, that’s cool.
  4. Message the seller and arrange payment and delivery. I usually go with bank transfer or GCash, because I don’t keep much cash in the house.
BPO pull out chairs