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I make websites n' stuff

I became interested in web design and development when I was about 12 years old. At the time, I was addicted to an online game called MapleStory, and I wanted to start a fan website. I went on to create a very popular forum for the game. Fast forward a few years, I started working as a freelance web designer. I created all sorts of websites, handling design and both front-end and back-end development, but I quickly learned that I was not a salesman. I found it hard to obtain clients. So, after moving out of my parents' house, I gladly accepted steady income in the form of a technical support job at Midnode, and that's where I've been for the past 5 years.


TeamTreeHouse Embeddable Diploma

After I had completed the Front End Web Development track at TeamTreehouse.com, I was disappointed that I did not receive some sort of certificate, so I decided to develop my own. It parses the JSON file associated with the user's profile, and uses relevant information to create a diploma.

Technology Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

OkayRelax Wordpress Theme Integration

To provide a seamless transition when switching from the main OkayRelax website to their blog, I integrated their site style into Wordpress, making it fit in perfectly with the rest of the site.

Technology Used: HTML, CSS, PHP

Minecraft Server Log Scanner

When providing technical support, I needed to frequently read Minecraft server logs. I created a desktop application and a web-based version to automate this for me. It would download the log via FTP, parse the log, provide a list of plugins that had errors, and give warnings regarding severe errors.

Technology Used: Python for Desktop & HTML, CSS, and PHP for Web Version

osTicket Notifier

I wanted to improve my response time when handling tickets via osTicket, so I created an application which monitored the ticket list in osTicket and sent notifications via Growl when a new ticket was received.

Technology Used: Python

I'm open to new ideas and new projects. If you need a developer to create your website or if you're a team looking for an addition, I'd love to hear from you. I'm interested in working on any project you have that may require my skills. If you have something in mind, please feel free to let me know.

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