Lemmy, a highly political alternative to Reddit

On a technical level, Lemmy is a federated alternative to Reddit, that works quite well. It could use some UI/UX improvements, but it’s mostly there.

What you might not realize is that Lemmy is highly political. I don’t know much about Marxism-Leninism, but that’s what the .ml TLD was chosen to represent on Lemmy’s main instance.

Lemmy is run by a team of people with different ideologies, including anti-capitalist, communist, anarchist, and others. While @dessalines and I are communists, we take decisions collectively, and don’t demand that anyone adopt our views or convert to our ideologies. We wouldn’t devote so much time to building a federated site otherwise.

@nutomic, developer of Lemmy.

In practice, I’ve noticed crazy amounts of censorship. During the current Russia – Ukraine war, I’ve seen that users which post news articles which portray Russia negatively, are banned, even though the articles are being posted to c/worldnews. Articles in support of Russia are acceptable though.

It has potential. But as someone from a Western country, it was made abundantly clear, numerous times to me, that I wasn’t really wanted. Even when I attempted to ask questions. It seems very politically oriented, even when I was attempting to stay away from the political stuff. So just a heads up. Not trying to dissuade you. I think technology isn’t good or evil, just how it’s used.


I continue to use it at this time, but I don’t feel welcome enough to truly engage.