Reach Me

Instant Messaging

I prefer private (end-to-end encrypted + open source) communication methods. I’ve moved to XMPP for the majority of my messaging, which essentially is an ancient chat protocol that has extremely low resource usage and is slowly being modernized.

💬 You can message me here: XMPP (with OMEMO encryption, please)

If you’re not already on XMPP, I recommend downloading Snikket: F-Droid, Google Play, iOS

To use it, you’ll need an XMPP account. You can find random suggested compliant servers on the Conversations website. I’m currently with Magic Broccoli, but for no reason other than that I liked their name and their server was considered compliant.

Social Media

I’m not very active on social media (because privacy), but I’m most active on Mastodon (because privacy). I’m a moderator of the Fosstodon instance of Mastodon. You can also find me on Twitter, but it doesn’t get much attention from me these days (because privacy).